Wind Archon (Mind)

Prerequisite: Wind Specialist

Child of: Wind Specialist

You are an elite wind mage and you have been blessed by the very wind you wield.

By unlocking this research you gain the following:

  • 1 x Wind Archon Token (1 time only)
  • 1 x Wind Archon Token Recipe

Receive one Wind Archon Token that can be used to apply one Wind Archon enhancement to one beanling via Design Update. Remember to add your token to the add-on section when submitting your design Update. This enhancement can only be applied to beanlings who both have the Wind Enhancer and Wind Specialist Skill. The Wind Archon enhancement can be applied up to 3 times per character, once per enhancement.

Chose one of the following mutation enhancments to add to your beanling for free:

  •  Song of the Wind: Enhances the Wind Chime mutation if present by allowing 2 or more Wind Chimes and removes the flower only location restriction. Otherwise, allows for one small wind chime in a location other than the flower location. This chime should not be larger than the beanlings head in size and length.
  • Wind Touch: Allows a beanling's hair and clothes to constantly be dramatically billowing in the wind, even if there is no wind present. Intensity is up to the beanling. This effect does not apply to surroundings, objects not worn, or other creatures.
  • Wind Crown: Enhances the halo mutation if present by engulfing the existing halo in a swirl of wind. Otherwise allows for a halo made of either a ring of wind or a swirl of wind.

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