Empty Hand Master (Body)

Prerequisite: Empty Hand

Child of: Empty Hand

You are a master of the Empty Hand technique and have manifested unique enhancements. 

By unlocking this research you gain the following:

  • 1 x Empty Hand Master Enhancement Token (1 time only)
  • 1 x Empty Hand Master  Enhancement Token Recipe

Receive one Empty Hand Master  Token that can be used to apply one Empty Hand Master  Enhancement to one beanling via Design Update. Remember to add your token to the add-on section when submitting your design Update. This enhancement can only be applied to beanlings who have the Empty Hand Skill. The Empty Hand Master Enhancement can be applied up to 3 times per character, once per enhancement.

Chose one of the following mutation enhancements to add to your beanling for free:

  • Ephemeral Limbs: Allows the beanling to manifest a pair of ephemeral arms at will. These can be attached or detached from the body and have a translucent appearance. These limbs can be any colour, but must mimic the shape of the original limb. They can have an optional band around their wrists mimicking the beanlings wish. Also enhances the Legendary Extra Limb trait if present by allowing each extra limb to have its own additional ephemeral limb.
  • Power First: Allows the beanling to manifest ephemeral claws, gloves or knuckle spikes at will. They have a translucent appearance but can be any colour.
  • Double Horns: Enhances the Horns Dew mutation by allowing for 2 sets of horns dew to be present. The second set can be attached to  or detached from the ear, and can be any size and shape. Otherwise allows for 2 small ephemeral horns to form on the beanling's head; these can be attached to or detached from the beanling's head. 

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