[Closed] Sprouting Flaffle 2021! Winners

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Sprouting Flaffle 2021: OPEN


Winners can be found here!

Welcome to the annual Sprouting Flaffle!

What is a Flaffle?

A Flaffle is a flat sale raffle, meaning all the left over sprouting beanlings will be raffled off for a set price.

What is a beanling?

A beanling is the baby stage of a flowerling.
You will only be purchasing the baby stage - The Flowerling form can only be obtained via the following methods:
 - Purchased with group currency (Beans)
 - Purchased with USD/Points from Toffee-Tama 
 - Won as a prize from an event held by the group/Toffee-tama
Beanlings can participate in group activities unless otherwise stated. Beanlings cannot participate in Sprouting until they are a Flowerling.


How much is each beanling?

Each beanling is 15USD. 

First Time Owner (FTO) Discount: 10USD for your first design.

Payment is to be made within 48hrs of winning unless previously discussed. If you're uncertain about payment plans, please note Toffee-tama.


Can I enter/win more than 1 beanling?

Yes, you can enter for as many of the beanlings as you like. If you have a budget limit please state so when filling out the Google form.


Available beanlings:

These are all the available beanlings for the Flaffle. Please note their numbers as you will be using them to enter. Please read them carefully as you will not be able to change your mind after the form closes if you make a mistake. 

How to enter:

Before entering, please make sure to read the Terms of service.

Then head over to this Google form and fill out the details.

Please select which beanlings you would like to be in the draw to win.
You must also note if you have a win limit - please also note your preferred win order up to your limit!


When will the form close and winners be drawn?

You will have 48hrs to enter the Flaffle. The form will close at 1pm AWST on Wednesday 31st March - see here for world clock countdown! and the winners will be drawn within 24hrs after via the discord chat.



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