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This sweet lil' nudibranch bean is enjoying mermay with their hermit crab pal!

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This auction will run until the last bid has stood for 24hrs.
Please make sure to bid in a chain by replying to the previous bidder!


Ear Type: Fluffy (Uncommon)
Feeler Type: Sprout (Uncommon)
Wing Type: Fish (Uncommon)
Tail Length: Medium (Common)

Mutations - Dew:
Droplet (Uncommon)

Mutations - Tail:
Other - Tail (Legendary) (Animal Tail)

Body Stat:
1 Stat (Body) (Common)
Mind Stat:
1 Stat (Mind) (Common)

Life stage: Beanling

Owner: ????

Starting Bid: 30USD
Min bid increase: 2USD
Auto Buy: N/A
This beanling comes with a basic familiar.
Auction will end after the last bid has stood for 24hrs.
Visit the online stores! teespring.com/stores/beanlingp… and beanlingpatch.my-online.store/
Beanlings / Flowerlings are a closed species by Toffee-Tama - Please do not make your own without permission!


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