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Starfall has brought a surge of sweet dreams tumbling to the ground, and this flowerling is ready to collect them. 

F2U || Shooting Star 2 by Sugary-Stardust 

Shooting Star (Right) by King-Lulu-Deer Dream CollectorShooting Star by King-Lulu-Deer 

This auction will run until the last bid has stood for 48hrs.
Please make sure to bid in a chain by replying to the previous bidder!
This auction will run here and on the Beanling Patch site!


Ear Type: Fluffy (Uncommon)
Feeler Type: Sprout (Uncommon)
Wing Type: Dragonfly (Common)
Tail Length: Short (Common)
Flower Type: Thicket (Uncommon)


Fluffy Cheeks (Common)
Brush (Common)
Gem Growths (Legendary)

Luminescence (Legendary)

1 Stat (Body) (Common)
1 Stat (Mind) (Common)

Life stage: Flowerling

Owner: ????

Starting Bid: 30USD
Min bid increase: 2USD
Auto Buy: N/A

Auction will end after the last bid has stood for 48hrs.

Beanlings / Flowerlings are a closed species by Toffee-Tama - Please do not make your own without permission!


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