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Hello everyone! Welcome to Day 1 of the Winter Wonderland Advent: Ice Fairies .

#1 traits here: https://beanling-patch.com/character/BEAN-00163  - Winner is XXxbunnyloverxX

#2 traits here: https://beanling-patch.com/character/BEAN-00164  - Winner is Sanityzed

Bonus Bean prize winner: Poada!

These cuties are a free to enter raffle! Please read the rules to enter:

About the raffle:
There will be 2 winners, one for each design. They will receive the full unwatermarked version.
- You may only win 1 of the designs.
- The raffle will be open until 25/12/20 10am ASWT World Clock

- This is a FREE raffle!
- If there are more than 20 entries I'll add a bonus 10 Event Currency Prize!
- The winners will be rolled via discord.

How to enter:
- Simply enter using this google form.



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