[Closed] Sugar and Spice Raffle Beanlings

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Free Raffle Beanlings! (open)
Spooky season is just starting to settle over Prism Vale, but these two little beans are ready to whip up some treats! You join in the fun and enter to win one of these sweet little beans in a few ways:

Share this post on da or your social mediasand show it in a comment below (1 entry)
get a  friend or two to metion you in their comment (1 entry per friend)
Draw a nice sketch of one of these sweet beans and link it in your comment (2 entries)
First time owners will get a free entry just for commenting! 

We're having lots of other fun and free events for Halloween, so be sure to check them out over on the Beanling Patch site!
The raffle will be drawn on the 31st of October!
[F2U] Pumpkin Pie by iwantmyavocado 
Pumpkin Pie
Ears: Fairy (rare)
Feelers: Sprout (uncommon)
Wings: Butterfly (common)
Ribbon: Short (common)
Fairy hips (rare)

BAKERYBITES - Cinnamon Roll [F2U pixel art] by jennyhue 
Cinnamon Swirl
Ears: round (common)
Feelers: moth (common)
Wings: bubble (common)
Ribbon: long (common)
Coloured dew (common, abnormal)
Brush (common)
Cuff (common) 
Extra fluffy cheeks (common)
Icing coating (legendary)
Glitter (legendary)


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