[Open] Spooky Robes and Armor YCH!

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The leaves are turning bright, preparing for winter's chill, and the undergrowth is bustling. It's enough to make any witchy beanling want to get out amongst the trees! 

Mushrooms by King-Lulu-Deer 

This ych is open to both beanlings and flowerlings, and comes with an ornate robe or armor! At 40$, you will also get an ornate magic focus or weapon!
SB: 30$
MI: 1$
AB: 80$
Fog is rolling over Prism Vale, and the moon is bright and full! Howling fills the autumn air, and spooky pumpkins loom. So don your cloaks and masks and capes to protect yourselves from fright, and merrily flutter into a night of dark delights!
haunted by panicpuppy 

This is a teired flatsale for outfits! 

10$ : Includes the outfit design and a basic armor or robe. 
20$ : Includes the outfit design and an ornate armor or robe.
30$ : Your bean will be drawn on the base in the outfit,
and you will receive an ornate robe or armor. 
Comment below to claim!

Spook Vibes by panicpuppy 


Revpup Avatar

I like 1 for 30$ Get a Beanling in there when ya have time xD

2021-10-31 02:53:02

xNocturnalKittenX Avatar

aaaa will have to come back for that last outfit if it's still there later >o>

2021-10-10 01:03:08

Sincere-Alear Avatar

This is such a super cute and unique idea! All of these look lovely~

2021-10-09 03:54:10

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