[Closed] Music Box Ballerina

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A lot of kids are starting to wish for toys and sweet treats, and this little flowerling is here to answer both! 

Pixel Pink Divider by Momoko-chu 

SB: 15$
MI: 1$


Ear Type: Floppy (Uncommon)
Feeler Type: Winglet (Rare)
Wing Type: Object(Legendary)
Flower Type: Mermaid (Common)

Metallic (Legendary) 
Skirt (Uncommon)
Fluffy Cheeks (Common)
Decorated Wish (Legendary)

White Lace Bow by SpiritSiphon 

This auction is being held on DA.
This auction will run until the last bid has stood for 48hrs.
Please make sure to bid in a chain by replying to the previous bidder!


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