[Closed] Toyland Beans

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Some sweet little beans seem to have been unwrapped!

Pixels by BIC-The-Robot 

Toy Robot

SB: 15$
MI: 1$


Ear Type: Fin (Rare)
Feeler Type: Sprout (Uncommon)
Wing Type: Other - Wings (Legendary) (Object)
Tail Length: Medium (Common)

Object Head (Legendary)
Ball Joints (Legendary) 
Metallic (Legendary) 
Decorated Wish (Legendary) 

Theme Adopt .:Stuffed Animal:. by Acioreu 

Teddy Bear

SB: 15$
MI: 1$

Ear Type: Round (Common)
Feeler Type: Pom (Common)
Wing Type: Bubble (Common) 
Tail Length: Short (Common)

Droplet Dew (Uncommon)

This auction is being held on DA.
This auction will run until the last bid has stood for 48hrs.
Please make sure to bid in a chain by replying to the previous bidder!



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