[Closed] Magical Superhero DA Auction

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Hey everyone! I decided to revamp the super hero bean since they didn't sell and I still loved the concept. Everyone likes Pastels, so here we are xD

This auction is being held on DA.
This auction will run until the last bid has stood for 24hrs.
Please make sure to bid in a chain by replying to the previous bidder!

Starting Bid: 40USD
Min bid increase: 2USD
Auto Buy: 200USD
*AB will receive 5 x Patreon Potion Vouchers to spend at the Gold Shop. Vouchers can be exchanged for one of the following: Mind Potion, Body Potion or Legendary Mutation Potion* 
Magical Superhero

Ear Type:
Kitty (Common)

Feeler Type:
Moth (Common)

Wing Type:
Ribbon (Uncommon)

Flower Type:
Vine (Uncommon)

Mutations - Body:
Skirt (Uncommon)
Fluffy Cheeks (Common)

Mutations - Dew:
Prismatic (Rare)

Mutations - Tail:
Pollen (Common)
Multi-Pollen (Uncommon)
Two-tone Writing (Uncommon)

Body Stat:
1 Stat (Body) (Common)

Mind Stat:
1 Stat (Mind) (Common)

Life Stage: Flowerling

Owner: ???

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Beanlings / Flowerlings are a closed species by Toffee-Tama - Please do not make your own without permission!


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