[Closed] Valentine's Beans

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Some bright little beanlings are here to celebrate Valentine's day!

Love Letters
puffy cat bow ! by Svbmissive 
This cute little beanling was made by the fabulous dragonprr ! 

SB: 20$
MI: 1$

Ear Type: Kitty (Common)
Feeler Type: Winglet (Rare)
Wing Type: Floating Angel (Legendary)
Flower: Multi-Flower (Rare)

Decorated Wish (Legendary) 
Multi Tail (Rare)
Brush (Common)
Shapes in Dew (Common)

Candy Hearts
F2U | Pink Bow Divider by ProfileDecor 
This Sweet little Flowerling was made by me~


SB: 30$
MI: 1$

Ear Type: Fairy (Rare)
Feeler Type: Pom (Common)
Wing Type: Ribbon (Uncommon)
Flower: Multi-Flower (Rare)

Halo (Rare)
Odd Form Dew (Uncommon)
Fluffy Cheeks (Common)
Transparency - Glass Body (Legendary)
Skirt (Uncommon)
Bud (Uncommon)
Multi-pollen (Uncommon)

Pixel Pink Divider by Momoko-chu 

This auction will run on DA!

 Feel free to check out the fun stuff we have going on over on the Beanling Patch site! 

Beanlings / Flowerlings are a closed species by Toffee-Tama - Please do not make your own without permission!


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