[Open] May Flowers

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A couple of Beanlings have sprouted this spring! These sweet little beanlings are a colab between XXxbunnyloverxX and I! This Auction is running on DA!!

Spring Flowers
f2u : Happy Weather Divider by Sugary-Stardust  

SB: 20$
MI: 1$

Ear Type: Fairy (Rare)
Feeler Type: Moth (Common)
Wing Type: Butterfly (Common)

Multi Tail (Rare)
Fluffy Cheeks (Common)
Floral Dew (Common)
Jellyfish (Rare)
Fairy Hips (Rare)

Soft Lace
Bow and Ruffles Banner by socksyy  


SB: 30$
MI: 1$

Ear Type: Floppy (Uncommon)
Feeler Type: Winglet (Rare)
Wing Type: Butterfly (Common)
Flower: Multi-Flower (Rare)


Skirt (Uncommon)
Veil (Uncommon)
Fairy Kisses (Rare)
Two-Tone Writing (Uncommon)
Multi-pollen (Uncommon)

Pixel Pink Divider by Momoko-chu 

This auction will run until the last bid has stood for 48hrs.
Please make sure to bid in a chain by replying to the previous bidder!


DarkfireVengeance Avatar

SB on soft lace please

2022-05-30 21:15:43

Ceru Avatar
Ceru Staff Member

35 on da

2022-05-31 20:35:34

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