Guild Leader ・ Part of Culture Society


Poppy is one of the original seven beanlings. They are often considered the aspect of spirit. They are also the founder and leader of the Culture Society Guild



Home Island: Lila
Guild: The Culture Society
Favourite Colour: Red
Likes: Parties, traveling, fashion and firworks
Dislikes: staying in one place too long, politics and ugly sweaters 



Poppy is known for being outgoing and confident, but also poise and level-headed. They are seen as elegant by many and will do anything to continue this perception. Poppy’s voice is soft spoken and they tend to try and incorporate different mannerisms from different worlds in their daily vocabulary. This can get a bit annoying for beings unfamiliar with them as this often leads to confusion. Although they have good intentions, Poppy’s explanations of their linguistics can come across as pretentious. 



As one of the original seven beanlings, Poppy was created directly by the Creator. They were very close to the Creator in their youth and very curious about other worlds and their cultures, unlike their kin, who were either uninterested or more interested in the adventure aspect. Poppy would often volunteer to travel with the Creator whenever they had business outside of their home. They would often sit upon the Creator’s head, which was usually adorned with a crown of flowers allowing the beanlings to blend in. For the Creator’s head Poppy was able to observe and study many different worlds, creatures and cultures. These experiences are what later inspired the creation of the Culture Society.

Poppy was somewhat neutral on the creation of Prism Vale, instead preferring to stay by the Creator’s side. Though they eventually grew to love the place and find their own special home there, especially with the dimension traveling ease of Lila Island.


Associated Faction

Guild: Culture Society