Guild Leader ・ Part of Lucky Spirit


Pumpkin is one of the original seven beanlings. They are often considered the aspect of friendliness. They are also the founder and leader of the Lucky Spirit Guild.



Home Island: Jesen
Guild: Lucky Spirit
Favourite Colour: Green!
Likes: Nature! Playing is leaves, looking after seedlings, hot chocolate
Dislikes: Fire, the destruction of nature, festivals



Pumpkin is very friendly and chill. They love to socialize, but also love to spend time alone with just nature. Some would say they are the happy medium between an introvert and extrovert. Pumpkin loves growing and caring for plants and that fondness also extends to young beanlings looking for a purpose. They will take in anyone who is having trouble and teach them about sharing, kindness and the power of friendship. Pumpkin also loves cooking and sharing her food with others, though it’s usually 50/50 if it's any good. Pumpkin is happy to talk your head off about plants and gardening until she gets tired. They don’t really like festivals as they find them too consuming, preferring smaller, more intimate affairs. 



Pumpkin is one of the original seven beanlings made by the Creator. They used to be very shy, tending to hide among the Creator’s garden and tend to the flowers. They were very attached to the garden and over time, they were able to bond with the Creator of their love of nature. Pumpkin would make beautiful flower crowns for the Creator and would later incorporate a comfortable seating flower especially for Poppy, whom she was slowly warming up to.

Pumpkin was very grateful for the creation of Prism Vale and was immediately in love with the place from the first time they travelled there. Despite the lush forests of Viridian and the beauty of Rosa, Pumpkin found themselves drawn to Jesen and the great potential of the fertile soils.

Associated Faction

Guild: Lucky Spirit