Guild Leader ・ Part of Prowler Privateers


Ocean is one of the original seven beanlings. They are often considered the aspect of magnificence. They are also the founder and leader of the Prowler Privateers Guild.



Home Island: N/A
Guild: The Prowler Privateers
Favourite Colour: Blue and Silver
Likes: Adventuring, the ocean, sand, shiney things and treasure maps.
Dislikes: Staying in one place too long, paying for things, birds. 



Ocean is a cheeky and mischievous beanling. They are considered untrustworthy by acquaintances but conversely, are generally regarded as reliable by their close friends. They are a traveler at heart and cannot stand to stay in one place for too long. Their bravery is on par with Sir Serillion, however, they consider the later boring and safe. Ocean loves to push their limits, on occasion this can negatively affect others, but they are not very concerned with the consequences of their actions. They are quick witted and always ready to make a joke, usually at someone else's expense. Once you get to know them, Ocean loves to entertain and tell stories of their many great adventures.



Ocean was originally created by a being known as the Creator as one of the seven original beanlings. Ocean did not care much for socializing with the Creator and their fellow beanlings, instead preferring to sneak off on their own to explore the Creator’s world. They would often steal trinkets like coins and jewellery on their adventures. It got to the point where the Creator had to give them a special box for all the items they had collected over the years. Despite being a self-made outcast, Ocean still had a very special bond with the Creator and would often go through their treasure box to determine the best treasure as a gift to the Creator. 

Ocean was ecstatic when Prism Vale was created, viewing it as the Creator’s special gift to them as it was perfect for unleashing their adventurous side. Ocean seldom left Prism Vale since its creation, however, every few years they do return to thank the Creator and gift them with the best treasure they have found on their adventures.

Associated Faction

Guild: Prowler Privateers