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Hello everyone!

If you haven't noticed, the site has been down for the last few days due to a major site update that resulted in Toffee-tama having to reinstall the site. However, all of you data is safe and everything should be working as normal with a few new additions!

Patch notes:

  • User Profiles:
    • Comments: You can now add comments to user profiles! Please use them responsibly!
    • User Avatars: You can now add an avatar to your profile! To do so simple go to settings and upload your desired avatar. I believe the avatar size is 100x100pxls.
    • User Profiles: If you go to settings, you can now write a profile for yourself! Feel free to include anything you like including your social links!
  • Sales:
    • There is now a dedicated sales channel. So instead of adoptable sales being posted in the news section, they now have their own section called Sales. To find sales, simply go to the Browse menu and you will find it at the bottom.
  • Comments:
    • Certain sections now allow comments so feel free to comment if it's enabled and you have question or feedback.
  • Crafting:
    • Crafting is now available on site!
    • To craft items simply head over to the Crafting Prompts Category. You can also find crafting prompts in the general prompt section and via submit prompt.
    • For more information, please check the crafting prompts!
  • Inventory:
    • Item stacks: Items now stack in your inventory! So instead of having 5 individual items, they now appear as item x5!
  • Character Items:
    • Your characters can now equip their equipment and familiars directly into their personal inventories. Please remember, you can only carry 1 of each item type, duplicates will be disregarded.
    • You can also add names to your familiars!
  • Item Updates:
    • Items will now display the following additional information:
      • Rarity
      • Purchase locations
      • Drop locations
      • Item Artist
      • Original Source
    • Items can now be sold in your inventory directly. Simply click the item you wish to sell and click "Sell Item". You will be prompted to confirm sale and recieve the specified curreny and amount. This replaced the previously implemented Box mechanic, returning it strictly for use with openable box items.
  • Prompts:
    • As briefly mentioned in the discord, going forward all prompts will be processed within roughly 72hrs of submitting. This is the keep the ques nice and tidy.


Due to the site being down for a few days I have decided to extend this months prompts! The new end date for all Halloween Events (including BOSS) has been extended until the 11PM AWST on the 4th Novemeber. 

If you continued to make your BOSS attempt during the outage, please submit all your prompt claims now. I will continue to award the trick or treat boxes as normal after work tomorrow. 


That should be most things covered. Thank you everyone!



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