Starfall Festival Event Hub

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Starfall Festival event hub

Stars are falling all around Prism Vale and now is the time to collect them! A few exclusive events will be available for all the join from the 4rd of June! Keep track off all available events here.

Starfall Festival Monthly Prompt
3rd June - 3rd July 23
Join this months prompt to earn Event Currency!
Login every day and claim your free Event Currency.
If you collect all 25 Event Currency you will receive a bonus Legendary Beanling MYO!
*Advent page will be available from 6th June 00:00 UTC*
*Edit: Advent time has been adjusted due to weird time-zone stuff*
3rd June - 3rd July 23
A casual hunt, find all 10 stars and convert them into Event Currency!
Happy star hunting everyone!


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