Monthly Prompt Update!

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Hello Everyone! We’ve got a small announcement to share with you. Our monthly prompt reward structure will be changing to make things more accessible to our casual players, and to reward our more ambitious players a little bit more! Unlike in the past where our monthly prompts were worth a flat amount of beans, you will now be rewarded based on the scope of your piece!
The breakdown goes as follows:


New Minimum Standard Submission:

This is the minimum acceptable submission for a prompt.

Written entries: Minimum word count: 250 words

Drawn entries: Uncoloured Clean Sketch

Standard Completion Reward: 3 Beans (Per Entry) + 1 User Exp + 1 Character Exp (Focus Character only)

Written Entries Stackable Bonuses:

  • Tier 1: Word count reaches 400: 1 Beans
  • Tier 2: Word count reaches 500: 1 Beans
  • Tier 3: Word count reaches 600: 1 Beans
  • Tier 4: Word count reaches 800: 2 Beans
  • Tier 5: Word count reaches 1000: 2 Beans

Drawn Entries Stackable Bonuses:

  • Tier 1: Coloured Sketch: 1 Beans
  • Tier 2: Lineart: 1 Beans
  • Tier 3: Full Colour (Character): 1 Beans
  • Tier 4: Full Colour Background: 2  Beans
  • Tier 5: Including a second character: 2 Bean

All of these bonuses stack!

To give you an example, we’ll break down this piece!

This piece is lined, has three beans, and a full colored background, so it would break down like this:

Sketched: 1 Bean

Lined: 1 Bean

Full Colour Character: 1 Bean

Full Colour Background: 2 Beans

Includes a Second Character: 2 Beans

Total: 7 beans

We are also happy to announce that we have a new ongoing prompt!

Freestyle Monthly!

If you’ve ever wanted to draw your bean, but simply don’t think they’d fit in with the prompts and quests available, this is for you! Any piece you draw or write for your beans can be submitted here for rewards using the same rewards structure as the monthly prompt! You will be able to submit this prompt two times a month, so have some fun exploring your bean’s lives outside of our monthly prompts and quests!

Thank you!

- Toffee + Ceru



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