Gameplay and Site Updates

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We're happy to announce a few gameplay and site updates! We also have a few questions for you guys that may directly affect future additions, so please give us your input!
  •  You can now collaborate with another player on Monthly Prompts and Quests! Check each for additional details. 
  • The writing requirements for quests have been changed in order to standardize them with other prompts on the site. 
  • The structure and entry requirements for Guilds has changed. Take a look on the Guild Page!
  • Each guild has one additional prompt to allow beans that are already in guilds to progress to the next rank. 
  • If you already have beans in guilds, please create a claim with their masterlist link and your preferred levels to retroactively receive your rewards. You can create a claim by clicking on the submit menu beside your username and choosing 'Submit Claim'
  • The Blank Slate achievement threshold has been lowered from needing 10 prompts featuring blank to 3.

Site Updates
We are happy to announce the addition of Familiars to the masterlist! In order to make this possible, the basic and greater familiar items have been removed from the specialty shop and have been replaced with the basic and greater familiar box. These item contain either the basic or greater familiar item, as well as either a basic or greater familiar MYO token.
The Familiar MYO tokens function exactly as beanling myo tokens do currently. To use your token, click on it and convert it into an myo slot by checking which token you would want to convert and hitting open under the "Use Slot" option. Then, navigate to your myo slots and put in a design update. When filling out the traits section, add either the "Basic Familiar" or "Greater Familiar" trait.
Adding a familiar to your beanling will work the same as it has in the past; open a design update for the beanling, leave a comment that you are attaching a familiar, and attach either the greater or basic familiar item from your inventory.
For those of you who already have familiars, both equipped to beans and in your inventory, please leave a claim using this form  to receive your MYO tokens: 
Number of basic familiars:
Number of greater familiars: 

A small note regarding submitting familiars on-site: A user has been added specifically to allow you to credit offsite artists. It's username is, shockingly, Offsite_Artist. When uploading your design, simply select this user and add the URL of your artist in the artist or designer url box. We are happy to have all sorts of species as familiars for beans, but we suggest using your own discretion and abiding by external species rules if you wish to add another CS design as a familiar.

Unfortunately, the cash shop is currently not functioning. While it is visible, you cannot purchase from it. Fortunately, the pricing for items is changing! All equiptment and familiars are now half the price listed. Myo tokens cost as follows:
 Common Beanling MYO - 5$
 Uncommon Beanling MYO - 10$
 Rare Beanling MYO - 15$
 Legendary Beanling MYO - 20$
 Common Flowerling MYO - 15$
 Uncommon FlowerlingMYO - 20$
 Rare FlowerlingMYO - 25$
 Legendary FlowerlingMYO - 30$
If you wish to purchase any items, please wither leave a ticket in mod-ticket with your beanling patch username, the item/s you would like to purchase, and your paypal adress or dm Ceru (edited)
 We hope to get the cash shop fixed soon, and to have the familiars displayed on a separate masterlist, but for the moment, you can view them on the main masterlist

Plans and Questions
While we have a lot more than this in the works, we are happy to announce that we will be adding some more info and personality to our npcs, adding more quests, and adding more guilds! We have a few themes already planned  for guilds,  which are as follows: 
  • A guild for Artists of all kinds (visual, written, performance, etc.)
  • A guild for technological and engineering minded beans
  • A guild for beans that love fauna of all kind  
  • A guild for Explorers and Adventurers
We would love to hear y'alls ideas in general, but we'd especially love if you could leave us a comment in the discord , or if you would like to submit a claim regarding these questions:
  •  What type of guild would you like to see added?
  •  What sort of quests do you find most interesting? Do you have any ideas for future quests?
  •  What are some of your favorite character tropes/ personality types?
  •  Are you ready for October?


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