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We are happy to announce that prompts here in the Beanling Patch are changing to be way more casual and accessible! We are introducing General Submissions, a type of prompt that will always be open, has no submission limit, and is open to collaboration. Your rewards will increase with the effort you and your potential collaborators put in to your pieces! We will, of course, continue to accept art and writing, but we are also now including crafts and have more suitable rewards for animation and comics. Here is the guide to explain what sort of rewards you will receive for General Submission prompts:

I am sure you have all noticed a lull in story happening and monthly prompts- that has come to pass due several reasons, one of which being that we are working on restructuring the type of rewards you can receive from these types of prompts to be unique and exclusive. The other reason has, frankly, been staff burnout and other irl issues, so please bear with us while we get those sorted out. If all goes to plan, you should see the return of monthly prompts in the new year. Thank you all, we look forward to seeing your doodles, your masterpieces, and everything in between!



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