Water Enhancer (Mind)

Prerequisite: Elementalist

Required by: Water Specialist

Child of: Elementalist

Children: Water Specialist

You specialise in water magic.

By unlocking this research you gain the following:

  • 1 x Water Enhancer Token (1 time only)
  • 1 x Water Enhancer Token Recipe

Receive one Water Enhancer Token that can be used to apply the Water Enhancer skill to one beanling via the Water Enhancer Skill Prompt. Remember to add the character you want the skill applied to as the focus character and add your token to the prompt add-on section.

Receive one Water Enhancer Token Recipe (Permanent). Use this recipe to craft additional Water Enhancer Tokens for other characters.

Water Enhancer Skill: The Water Enhancer Skill allows the character to gain 1 bonus bean when completing quests and prompts on Solei or Versii Island. Solei and Versii Islands are both in tune with the water element and thus your affinity with water magic is enhanced while on these islands.

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