Water Specialist (Mind)

Prerequisite: Water Enhancer

Required by: Water Archon

Child of: Water Enhancer

Children: Water Archon

You specialise in water magic and have learnt how to cast powerful water spells for every occassion.

By unlocking this research you gain the following:

  • 1 x Water Specialist Token (1 time only)
  • 1 x Water Specialist Token Recipe

Receive one Water Specialist Token that can be used to apply the Water Specialist skill to one beanling via the Water Specialist Skill Prompt. Remember to add the character you want the skill applied to as the focus character and add your token to the prompt add-on section. This skill can only be applied to beanlings who have the Water Enhancer Skill.

Receive one Water Specialist Token Recipe (Permanent). Use this recipe to craft additional Water Specialist Tokens for other characters. This skill can only be applied to beanlings who have the Water Enhancer Skill.

Water Specialist Skill: The Water Specialist Skill allows the character to gain 1 bonus bean each quest or prompt when depicted using any of the following water spells:

  • Create Water: You call forth a small ball of water which you can shape at will. Size cannot be larger than half the beanling's body length.
  • Ice Blast: You cast a small shard of ice at a creature or object. 
  • Snow Storm: You create a small snow storm and can control its intensity. It can be strong, obscuring the scene and making the area cold, or it can be light, creating  magical flurries.
  • Control water: You can manipulate all water within a five foot radius of your body. This includes parting water and attracting water around you, as well as advanced shaping such as mimicing creatures and objects.
  • Ice Shield: A small sigil in the shape of a snowflake floats around you, it protects your character from extreme cold. Can also manifest as a physical shield made of ice.
  • Other: Alternatively, include a writen description of a different water themed spell in the comment section when submitting a quest. Minimum 50 words.

This bonus stacks with the bonus for Water Enhancer.

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