Basic Plushie Ticket (BPT)

Displays as: 0 Basic Plushie Ticket
Held by: Users

This ticket can be exchanged at the Sweet Plushie Shop for a common plushie.

Beayns (B)

Displays as: 0 Beayns
Held by: Users

Beans are the main currency used in Beanling-Patch. It can be earned by participating in the group and doing group activities. You can spend Beans in the Specialty Shop and to buy growths for your beanlings.

Event Currency (EC)

Displays as: 0 Event Currency
Held by: Users

Event Currency is special currency awarded from certain major events. It can be used in the Event Shop to buy limited special items. This currency can be traded.

Faction Standing (Standing)

Displays as: 0 Standing
Held by: Characters

Standing in a given faction.

Gold (G)

Displays as: 0 Gold
Held by: Users

Patreon Exclusive Currency.

This currency can only be earned by being a member of the $5 and $10 tiers of Toffee-tama's Patreon. It is a gift for supporting Toffee-Tama and Beanling-Patch and can be used in the Gold Shop, which has exclusive items. Gold cannot be traded, however, items purchased with Gold can be traded.

If you would like to support Beanling-Patch please consider becoming a Patron!


Greater Plushie Ticket (GPT)

Displays as: 0 Greater Plushie Ticket
Held by: Users

This ticket can be exchanged at the Sweet Plushie Shop for a rare plushie.

Patreon Potion Voucher (PPV)

Displays as: 0 Patreon Potion Voucher
Held by: Users

Patreon awarded voucher that can be used to buy either a mind or body potion from the Gold shop!

Patreon Potion Voucher Fragment (PPVF)

Displays as: 0 Patreon Potion Voucher Fragment
Held by: Users

A fragment of a Patreon Potion Voucher. Combine via the Patreon Potion Voucher Recipe for a full voucher.

Pawn Token (PT)

Displays as: 0 Pawn Token
Held by: Users

Pawn Tokens can be aqcuired by "Converting" items in your inventory.  Most items can be converted into Pawn tokens which can be spent in the pawn shop.

This currency cannot be traded.

Research Scroll (RS)

Displays as: 0 Research Scroll
Held by: Users

The currency used to purchase Research.

Acquired from Questing.


Displays as: 0 USD
Held by: Users

Real world United States Dollars

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