<a href="https://beanling-patch.com/world/rarities?name=Legendary" class="display-rarity" style="color: #C40710;">Legendary</a>


Legendary traits are the rarest traits and are exclusively random mutations referred to as the Other tag. These traits can be anything that is not already an exsisting trait. They signify extreme magical potential.

<a href="https://beanling-patch.com/world/rarities?name=Rare" class="display-rarity" style="color: #3133E1;">Rare</a>


Rare traits signify that a beanling has potent magical potential. These traits tend to be grand or elegant.

<a href="https://beanling-patch.com/world/rarities?name=Uncommon" class="display-rarity" style="color: #4AE230;">Uncommon</a>


Uncommon traits are traits that signify that a beanling has more than average magical potential.

<a href="https://beanling-patch.com/world/rarities?name=Common" class="display-rarity" style="color: #F2CC52;">Common</a>


Common traits are basic traits that are most commonly present on beanlings. These traits signify lesser to average magical potential.

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