Monster Mouth

Monster Mouth (Rare)

 Are you eating for two? I guess so! One or more additional mouths are present on the blightling's body. 

Gem Growths

Gem Growths (Rare)

Gems grow on the beanling's body, covering no more than 70%. 

Elongated Body

Elongated Body (Rare)

The body is up to 2 and half times longer than usual. 

Floral Growths

Floral Growths (Rare)

Patches of flora sprout and grow on the beanling, and cover no more than 70% of body.

Animal Tail

Animal Tail (Rare)

A cute animal tail grows from your beanling. The tail can be from any kind of animal, and generally sprouts near the base of their tag.


Irridescence (Rare)

All or part of hte beanling appears to be multiple colors, shifting in the light. 


Spikes (Common)

Careful when you go in for a hug! Spikes can cover up to 50% of a blightling's body!

Monster Teeth

Monster Teeth (Common)

Canines, fangs, and tusks, oh my! Any and all of these scary teeth are represented here. 

Exoskeleton (Common)

The exterior of the blightling is covered in chitin plates. They can be slightly raised and cover all or part of a blighting. 

Gummy Body

Gummy Body (Uncommon)

Oh, you're so sweet I could just eat you up! All or part of the blight's body is made of a slightly jiggly translucent substance that can refract light slightly

Monster Claws

Monster Claws (Uncommon)

Fashionably dangerous, long sharp claws or nails extend from the end of the blight's fingertips. 


Glitter (Rare)

All or part of the beanling's body is covered in small shiny specs that catch the light. 

Monster Eyes

Monster Eyes (Rare)

20-20-20-20-20 vision, lets hope this blight doesn't need glasses! Eyes can cover up to 50% of the blight's body. 


Cybernetic (Rare)

The robots have arrived, and they're much smaller than we thought. This blight's body is entirely or only partially made of technological components. They can appear metallic and/or transparent. 


Will-o-Wisp (Common)

Species: Witherling

Strange semi-solid shapes float around the Witherling. 


Shark (Uncommon)

Species: Witherling

Somebody spent a lot of time swimming! Fins grow from the back and limbs, and a tail can extend from the back of their head! You may have any number of these on the witherling, they are not all required. 


Fragmented (Rare)

Species: Witherling

Parts of the Witherling's body float in the air, attached to the body by flexible strands of corruption. 

Rune Bound

Rune Bound (Rare)

Species: Witherling

Runes encircle the Witherling's body and limbs. They may flicker and glow slightly. 

Corrupted Veins

Corrupted Veins (Rare)

Species: Witherling

Pulsing veins filled with corruption branch over the Witherling's body, showcasing their newly expanded power. 

Teensy (Rare)

The smallest beans have earned themselves the rare trait of Teensy! When beanlings or blightlings, they are an average of 1.5 inches, or aproximately 2.5 centimeters, and grow to an average of  3 inches, or about 5 centimeters as flowerlings and witherlings. 

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