Pom (Common)

Category: Feeler Type


Pom is small and roundish in shape. They do not grow very big.

Examples of characters with this trait:

BEAN-00125 | BEAN-00101 | BEAN-0062 | G-BEAN-0056


Moth (Common)

Category: Feeler Type


Moth is a teardrop shaped feeler. They tend to be sleek, though can be fluffy and can grow very large.

Examples of characters with this trait:

BEAN-00130 | BEAN-0073 | MYO-BEAN-0056 | BEAN-0027


Feather (Uncommon)

Category: Feeler Type


Feather feelers are shaped like bird feathers and are very fluffy. They can be small and can grow very large.

Examples of characters with this trait:

BEAN-00124 | BEAN-00119 | BEAN-0066 | BEAN-0043


Sprout (Uncommon)

Category: Feeler Type


Sprout feelers are antenna like and often have a small growth on the end. This growth can be a ball in shape or even a small flower or shape.

Examples of characters with this trait:

BEAN-00138 | BEAN-00135 | BEAN-0075 | MYO-BEAN-0059


Winglet (Rare)

Category: Feeler Type


Fairy wings sprout from the forehead, they are generally small and delicate though can grow quite large.

Examples of characters with this trait:

BEAN-00136 | BEAN-00116 | BEAN-0067 | BEAN-00126

Other - Feeler

Other - Feeler (Legendary)

Category: Feeler Type


Other feeler designs fall under this category. They can be any style you desire as long as you give Toffee-Tama a heads up on your idea.  Known other feelers include: Horns, Unihorn, disk, singular moth, none.

Examples of characters with this trait:

- Horns: BEAN-0035 | MYO-BEAN-0029 | BEAN-0030 | BEAN-00112

- Unfurled Flower: BEAN-00107 | BEAN-00103 | MYO-BEAN-0032 

- Unihorn: BEAN-0031 | BEAN-00131 | BEAN-00120 | MYO-BEAN-0060 

- Disk: BEAN-0087 | BEAN-0084 | BEAN-0040 

- Fin: BEAN-0093 | BEAN-0095 | BEAN-0068 

- Singluar Moth: BEAN-0034 

- None: BEAN-00137 | G-BEAN-0051 

- Wing: G-BEAN-0049 

- Anglar: BEAN-00132

- Insect: BEAN-00133


Sealed (Common)

Category: Feeler Type

Signed, sealed, and delivered, these feelers are the same shape as the blightling's curse seal. 

Bug (Common)

Category: Feeler Type

Just like the Insect ears, these feelers look like classic transparent insect wings, and can be transparent to opaque as long as they keep their long, narrow shape. 


Batty (Uncommon)

Category: Feeler Type

Don't be fooled, those are feelers, not tiny little bat wings! 


Horn (Uncommon)

Category: Feeler Type

Blights with this trait are well equipped to dive into their problems head first. Hard and often sharp horns protrude from the blightling's head. They can be single or multi-pronged, dull or sharp. 


Antenna (Rare)

Category: Feeler Type

Can you move to the left? The TV signal is fuzzy! These feelers are made of some kind of technology and can appear metallic and/or transparent. 

Unifeeler (Rare)

Category: Feeler Type

What happened to the other one? This blight has one feeler of any kind. 

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