Other - Dew

Other - Dew (Legendary)


Other dew designs fall under this category. They can be any style you desire as long as you give Toffee-Tama a heads up on your idea. Known other mutations: Opaque

Examples of characters with this trait:

- Opaque: BEAN-0076 

- Halo: BEAN-0066 | BEAN-0088 | MYO-BEAN-0029

Other - Corruption (Legendary)

There is a corruption mutation present that does not have an existing trait tag!

Glowing (Rare)

Species: Witherling

This corruption has an eerie glow to it that the Witherling can control. 

Split (Uncommon)

Species: Witherling

Each portion of this essence is solidly colored through, with one of two distinct colors.


Transparent (Common)

Species: Witherling

This corruption is somewhat see-through, similar to dew.


Glitch (Rare)

This corruption flickers in and out of vision, but always keeps an angled appearance, and has the biggest portion nestled in the curseling's ears.


Crystalized (Rare)

Beautiful but dangerous, this corruption has a hard outer shell and glitters like a gem. It can have shards floating around it. 


Swirled (Uncommon)

Mesmerizing . . . Hm? Oh, yes. This corruption is two-toned, and spirals towards a center point. 


Drippy (Uncommon)

Do you need a tissue? Maybe a towel? The blightling's corruption drips down from the blight's ears. 

Sealed Corruption

Sealed Corruption (Common)

The shape of the seal appears as an outline on the top of the blightling's corruption. It can appear metallic and be any color. 


Opaque (Rare)

This beanling's dew isn't able to be seen through!  What's in there...?


Floral (Common)


Flowers, petals, seeds and leaves are found floating in the dew.

Examples of characters with this trait:

BEAN-00133 | BEAN-0073 | BEAN-0067 | MYO-BEAN-0015


Prismatic (Rare)

Species: Flowerling


The dew is two or more colors. It is still transparent.

Examples of characters with this trait:

BEAN-00131 | MYO-BEAN-0033 | MYO-BEAN-0029 | BEAN-0038


Horns (Uncommon)

Species: Flowerling


A variation of the odd form, the dew can extend in any shape and any length. This trait usually implies the Flowerling is extra magically inclined as they need more dew to sustain themselves.

Examples of characters with this trait:

G-BEAN-0051 | G-BEAN-0054 | BEAN-0043 | BEAN-0036

Odd Form

Odd Form (Uncommon)

Species: Flowerling


The dew itself can be shaped at will. It can be any shape, however, must remain located in the ears and cannot be larger than the standard droplet size.

Examples of characters with this trait:

BEAN-077 | BEAN-0067 | G-BEAN-0056 | BEAN-002


Coloured (Common)


The essence is one distinct color. For dew, it is still transparent. For corruption, it stays opaque.

Examples of characters with this trait:

BEAN-00121 | BEAN-0074 | BEAN-0072 | BEAN-0042


Gem (Rare)


Gemstones and shards float in the dew.

Examples of characters with this trait:

BEAN-00120 | BEAN-00106 | BEAN-00101 | BEAN-0037


Tear (Rare)


The dew is overflowing and falling down but not enough to fall off.

Examples of characters with this trait:

MYO-BEAN-0050 | BEAN-0038 | BEAN-0026 | BEAN-00127


Plushie (Rare)


Toys and animal figures.

Examples of characters with this trait:

BEAN-094 | MYO-BEAN-0053 | BEAN-0033 | BEAN-0039


Droplet (Uncommon)


Beads of dew float off the main bubble.

Examples of characters with this trait:

MYO-BEAN-0063 | BEAN-00131 | BEAN-0075 | MYO-BEAN-0023

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