Other - Tail

Other - Tail (Legendary)


Other tail designs fall under this category. They can be any style you desire as long as you give Toffee-Tama a heads up on your idea. Known other mutations: decorated wish, torn wish, faded wish, animal tails. 

Examples of characters with this trait:

- Decorated Wish: BEAN-00137 | BEAN-00133 | BEAN-00130 | BEAN-0068

- Torn Wish: BEAN-00112 | G-BEAN-0060 | BEAN-0027

- Faded Wish: BEAN-0035 | BEAN-0026

- Animal Tails: BEAN-0043 | MYO-BEAN-0020

- Transparent Wish: BEAN-00132

- Bottled: MYO-BEAN-0029


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