Single Tag

Single Tag (Common)

Category: Tag Type

Every beanling has at least one tag, as they are the wish from which they are born. Blightlings have at least one curse tag as well, for the same reason! The tag is made from paper or ribbon and has the wish or curse inscribed upon it in magical script (can be scribble-like, or actual writing). They come in a variety of lengths, from very short to very long! The tags on beanlings naturally tend to curl up, like a protective shield for their stumpy bean sprout body, though it can flow in any direction as desired at will.

For beanlings, tags are by default plain white with only the writing decorating the paper, and attach directly to the bean's body.

For blightlings, their curse tags are tethered to their body with a bit of string and must have a seal on the end of the inscriptions. Blightling's curse tags can also be a colour other than white by default.


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