Gem (Rare)


Gemstones and shards float in the dew.

Examples of characters with this trait:

BEAN-00120 | BEAN-00106 | BEAN-00101 | BEAN-0037


Tear (Rare)


The dew is overflowing and falling down but not enough to fall off.

Examples of characters with this trait:

MYO-BEAN-0050 | BEAN-0038 | BEAN-0026 | BEAN-00127


Plushie (Rare)


Toys and animal figures.

Examples of characters with this trait:

BEAN-094 | MYO-BEAN-0053 | BEAN-0033 | BEAN-0039


Crystalized (Rare)

Beautiful but dangerous, this corruption has a hard outer shell and glitters like a gem. It can have shards floating around it. 


Glitch (Rare)

This corruption flickers in and out of vision, but always keeps an angled appearance, and has the biggest portion nestled in the curseling's ears.


Opaque (Rare)

This beanling's dew isn't able to be seen through!  What's in there...?

Glowing (Rare)

Species: Witherling

This corruption has an eerie glow to it that the Witherling can control. 

Cracked Core (Rare)

Category: Mutations- Core

Oh no! This blightling's core window looks as though it's been damaged or cracked! 


Fragmented (Rare)

Species: Witherling

Parts of the Witherling's body float in the air, attached to the body by flexible strands of corruption. 


Cybernetic (Rare)

The robots have arrived, and they're much smaller than we thought. This blight's body is entirely or only partially made of technological components. They can appear metallic and/or transparent. 

Monster Eyes

Monster Eyes (Rare)

20-20-20-20-20 vision, lets hope this blight doesn't need glasses! Eyes can cover up to 50% of the blight's body. 

Monster Mouth

Monster Mouth (Rare)

 Are you eating for two? I guess so! One or more additional mouths are present on the blightling's body. 

Rune Bound

Rune Bound (Rare)

Species: Witherling

Runes encircle the Witherling's body and limbs. They may flicker and glow slightly. 

Corrupted Veins

Corrupted Veins (Rare)

Species: Witherling

Pulsing veins filled with corruption branch over the Witherling's body, showcasing their newly expanded power. 

Teensy (Rare)

The smallest beans have earned themselves the rare trait of Teensy! When beanlings or blightlings, they are an average of 1.5 inches, or aproximately 2.5 centimeters, and grow to an average of  3 inches, or about 5 centimeters as flowerlings and witherlings. 

Tall (Rare)

This trait means that when in the beanlings or blightlings stage , this bean is about a height of 5.5 inches, or around 14 cenitmeters. When they grow into flowerlings or witherlings, they be aroundt 11 inches, or about 28 centimeters tall!


Jellyfish (Rare)


A puff of jelly clings to the hips and tentacles hang from it. The puff is soft and smooth and the tentacles are limp/unmoving but can be controlled with magic to move.

Examples of characters with this trait:

BEAN-0073 | MYO-BEAN-0058 | BEAN-0020 | MYO-BEAN-0017


Multi-Wing (Rare)

Two or more sets of wings are present!

Beanlings and blightlings may have two sets of wings maximum, while flowerlings and witherlings can have more!

Wings do not need to be the same type. Having this trait grants access to all available common, uncommon, and rare wing types for the character's species.

If you would like to add a legendary form of wings to your character as well, a potion or equivalent Beayns will be necessary.


Fairy Hips

Fairy Hips (Rare)


Fairy wings sprout from the hips.

Examples of characters with this trait:

BEAN-00105 | BEAN-102 | BEAN-0047 | BEAN-0039


Irridescence (Rare)

All or part of hte beanling appears to be multiple colors, shifting in the light. 

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