Sprouting, Blightstones, and MYOs!

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Hey all! Hope you’re all having wonderful days! Lots to cover, so let’s get started!

Firstly, Sprouting Updates!

Sprouting Sign-Ups are going to be extended by two weeks, with the new sign-up end date being July 14th! Make sure you get your pairs submitted by then! You can do so here: Sprouting 2023

Along with this, we’d like to announce that Sprouting-relevant items have made their way to the Shops! 

Sweet Chocolates, which can add a 20% chance for each offspring to inherit 1 additional randomized mutation, have returned to both the Specialty Shop and the Event Shop!

A new item, the Sweet N Sour Gummy has also been added to both shops!

The Sprouting Chance tables will be updated as soon as possible to reflect the addition of the new candy, but to explain it for now:

The Sweet N Sour Gummy has an effect of making it so that any sprouts in a batch from a same-species pair (Flowerling-Flowerling, or Witherling-Witherling) can have a 35% chance of being born as the opposite species! For a flowerling pair, that means a 35% chance of a blightling; For Witherlings, 35% chance of beanling! 

This new candy’s effect can stack, but is limited to one each per parent! Both parents using either candy will increase the chances to being 50/50 for each species, as well as guarantee that *at least one* of each species will be present in the batch. Once confirmed, these percentages can’t be changed. So please, discuss things with your partner and choose wisely!

Speaking of Witherlings…

Those Mysterious Stones that were found all around the Vale last year have now been named Blight Stones! You can find out more about their uses here: What is a Blight Stone?

Along with that, there have been multiple Site Updates:

-All MYO Tokens on the site have gotten updated images, resized and recolored to be easier to differentiate!

-Blightling and Witherling MYO Tokens are now on-site!

-Blightling and Witherling MYO Tokens are now craftable on-site!

-The two Familiar masterlists have been combined into one; All Familiars are now “FAM” labeled, and their traits will hold their ranking.

-The Sprouting Lore page has been updated! 

-The FAQ page has been updated!

-The Growth Guide page has been updated!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, or see anything that seems off, please let me or Ceru know! ♥




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