Wing (Rare)

Category: Ear Type


Wing ears are made from feathers and are shaped like a birds wing.

Examples of characters with this trait:

BEAN-00109 | BEAN-0066 | MYO-BEAN-0063 | G-BEAN-0049


Winglet (Rare)

Category: Feeler Type


Fairy wings sprout from the forehead, they are generally small and delicate though can grow quite large.

Examples of characters with this trait:

BEAN-00136 | BEAN-00116 | BEAN-0067 | BEAN-00126

Other - Wings

Other - Wings (Legendary)

Category: Wing Type


Other wing designs fall under this category. They can be any style you desire as long as you give Toffee-Tama a heads up on your idea. Known other wings include: liquid, galaxy, stars, skeletal, none.

Examples of characters with this trait:

- Liquid: BEAN-0028 

- Hybrid Galaxy / Crystal: BEAN-00117 | BEAN-00115 | G-BEAN-0059

- Stars: BEAN-011 

- Skeletal: BEAN-0035

- None: MYO-BEAN-0029 | BEAN-00139 

- Sail: BEAN-00132

- Cloud Tendril: G-BEAN-0060 | BEAN-00112 | BEAN-00111

- Leaf: BEAN-00105 | BEAN-0048BEAN-00106

- Chocolate Structure: BEAN-0073 

- Clouds: BEAN-0084 | BEAN-0040 | BEAN-0085 

No Wings

No Wings (Rare)

Category: Wing Type

There are no wings. 

Elemental Wings

Elemental Wings (Rare)

Category: Wing Type

Wings made of a single element. 

Glowing (Rare)

Species: Witherling

This corruption has an eerie glow to it that the Witherling can control. 


Multi-Wing (Rare)

Two or more sets of wings are present!

Beanlings and blightlings may have two sets of wings maximum, while flowerlings and witherlings can have more!

Wings do not need to be the same type. Having this trait grants access to all available common, uncommon, and rare wing types for the character's species.

If you would like to add a legendary form of wings to your character as well, a potion or equivalent Beayns will be necessary.


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