Halloween 2021 Event Hub

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Halloween 2021 EVENT HUB

It's the spookiest month of the year once again! A few exclusive events will be available for all the join from the 1st October! Keep track off all available events here.

Halloween Festivities Monthly Prompt
1st October - 3rd November
Join this months prompt to an exclusive Halloween Frame as well as 3 cute Halloween Plushies!
1st October - 31st October
Submit up to 1 daily sketch featuring a beanling owned by another player to recieve 1 x Trick or Treat Box!
Login every day and claim your free Trick or Treat Box.
If you collect all 8 Trick of Treat Boxes you will receive a bonus 1 x Halloween Frame!
*Halloween Frame will be automatically awarded upon completion, check your item logs*
*Advent page will be available from 2nd October 00:00 UTC*
18th - 31st October
While Pumpkin-Sama is no more, tiny, oddly handsome pumpkins have began to stir across Prism Vale. Can you find all 10 oddly handsome pumpkins and stop the revenge of Pumpkin-Sama? Time is of the essence!
*Scavenger Hunt page will be available from 17th October 00:00 UTC*
Spooky Guest Sales!
Be on the look out for some delightfully spooky guest designs in the sales channel!
Guests artists include:
Have a spooky month!


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