New Player Guide

Created: 26 June 2023, 22:06:26 UTC
Last updated: 3 August 2023, 03:24:33 UTC

Getting Started - A Player Guide!


Welcome to Beanling-Patch, home of the closed species Beanlings and Blightlings! This guide is designed to quickly explain everything you need to know about the ARPG and how to participate. It will briefly explain terms used and provide links for further reading.


What is Beanling-Patch?

Beanling-Patch is and Art Roleplaying Game, meaning you participate in the group by submitting artworks and/or writings about your beanlings. We also encourage role-playing, but it is not necessary.


What are beans?

Beanlings/flowerlings are one of the two main closed species of Beanling-Patch. They are fairy-like tiny creatures created from wishes. Beanlings are the child/baby form, having limited traits, while Flowerlings are the adult form and have a wider range of traits. Beanlings grow into flowerlings when their wish is fulfilled.  Similarly, Blightlings are small fey creatures created by curses. They grow into Witherlings when their curse is either fulfilled or broken. 

You can read more about the beanling patch species here.


Game Setting.

The Beanling-Patch game is set mainly in the world of Prism Vale. Prism Vale is a small pocket dimension housed in an opal created by a mysterious entity. It is made up of seven different islands that float among a sea of magical clouds. It is home to many magical creatures with beanlings being the main occupants.

You can read about Prism Vale here.

You can also find out more about Prism Vale's lore via the Lore Directory.


General game overview.

The main aim of Beanling-Patch is to grow your characters, both physically into flowerlings and emotionally as they grow as characters while exploring the world of Prism Vale. We are a welcoming and casual group with a focus on character development. We offer an ever expanding open world for your beanlings to explore and develop as well as a friendly environment to participate in casual role-playing. There are a few key activities for you to enjoy:

Growing your Beans: One of the main aspects of the game is to grow your beanling into a flowerling. Beanling and blightlings are the child/baby stage and are small in nature. At the moment they are not limited in  participating in any way from flowerlings aside from Sprouting. 

Beayns: In order to grow your beanlings or blightlings and make upgrades you will need Beayns, the groups currency. You can earn Beayns by participating in the group. The main source of Beayns are Prompts; they have a guaranteed beayn reward. Other ways to earn beans include: Questing, Events, Guilds and Achievements. Beans are tracked via the Bank tab.

- Activities: In order to earn group currency and grow you beanlings, you can participate in group activities.

  • Guilds: Join a guild that best suits you bean and earn bonus Beayns for representing your guild!
  • Monthly Prompts: These prompts are monthly with various themes. They always offer Beayn rewards and sometimes other items.
  • Questing: Go on adventures with your beans and possibly find some rewards! Questing earns a variety of items including: Crafting Materials, Beayns, Items and MYO Tokens.
  • Crafting: Once you've earned enough crafting materials, head over to crafting to make items you can apply to your beanlings!
  • Events: Every now and then, a large event will take place, usually in the form of a month long festival. These festivals usually include multiple unique activities for your beans to participate in as well as themed adoptable sales. They tend to offer special rewards such as Unique Frames, Event Currency and Legendary Mutation Potions / MYO Tokens.
  • Achievements: These tend to be more long term goals and simple side goals for fun. Some of them offer Beayn rewards and even MYO Tokens!
  • Customizing: A large focus of the group is the ability to customize your beans. You can do this by growing your bean or by applying potions which can be either crafted, purchased or won as prizes.

I'm interested, what do I do now?


Click the banner above to claim your account's free Make-Your-Own Tokens, and jump into the Vale!


If you would like to join Beanling-Patch and already own a beanling, just jump right in! You will have full access to all activities. Just do what you feel comfortable with! There are lots of prompts and quests available at all times! But remember, monthly prompts end at the end of the month, and you cannot complete them once they have expired!

If you do not have a bean, worry not! Upon signing up for your account on the Beanling Patch site, you gain access to two special Make-Your-Own tokens, for a beanling and a blightling. If you're not up to designing a bean right now, you can simply use an NPC  bean to participate in the following: Monthly PromptsQuesting, Events, Crafting and certain Achievements. Questing and achievements offer ways to obtain free MYO Tokens in order to make your very own bean, though it may take some work. You can also keep an eye out for adoptable sales! Every month there will be USD sales, giving you an opportunity to buy your own beanling or flowerling.  You will also be able to purchase MYO Tokens from the Specialty Store. Free raffles also occur every few months, so keep an eye out for them! 


Do I need a Bean to join/participate?

No, you do not need to own a beanling in order to join the group and participate in activities.

If you would like to participate, there are a few options available:

  • NPCs: You can use any of the available NPCs to complete all activities in the group including questing, monthly prompts and events.

* Please note: If you would like to earn yourself a Common MYO Token, which lets you creatre your own common bean, please consider using the NPC Blank. They have an achievement that rewards a common MYO Token if you complete 3 quests/prompts using them.


Remember to have fun!

Beanling-Patches main goal is to simply have fun, whether by yourself or with the community! If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact Ceru on any of their platforms!