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April Update

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Hello everyone! Just wanted to update everyone on all the recent updates and additions I’ve been working on for the site.

Bugs and Errors:

Currently there are no known errors! Yay! It’s been a long process but for now, the site appears to be 100%. If you do run into any mysterious issues, please don’t hesitate to post in the discord site errors channel or make a report on site! It’s very important for me that your experience on the site is simple and bug free!

New additions:

Stats and Levels:

Stats and Levels is officially working! You can earn user and character based EXP. There are currently 10 levels available for players and 10 levels for characters.

Character levels: Per level you will be awarded the following items:

1 x Stat Point and 5 x Beans.

This means in total going from level 1->10 will award 9 stat points and 45 beans. You will need 10 EXP per level. You can earn character EXP from the following sources: Questing entries, Monthly prompts and Event Prompts.

User levels: User levels are slightly different from Character levels. They have the following rewards:

Level 2: 1 x Stat Point

Level 3: 1 x Basic Familiar

Level 4: 1 x Stat Point

Level 5: 1 x Uncommon Mutation Potion

Level 6: 1 x Stat Point

Level 7: 1 x Rare Mutation Potion

Level 8: 1 x Stat Point

Level 9: 1 x Legendary Mutation Potion

Level 10: 1x Stat Point and 1 x Max level Achievement.

You will need  10 EXP per level. You can earn User EXP from the following sources: Monthly Prompts and Event Prompts.

You can apply earned stat points to characters via the Level Area.

Stats and Levels implements an alternative way to increase your characters stats and guarantees an EXP reward for questing. You can earn a total of 5 EXP per month via questing, which is applied directly to the focus character. Users can earn a minimum of 1 EXP per month, with some months awarding more with greater entry numbers and event prompts. 

World Expanded:

The world of Prism Vale is expanding! Over the next few months it will be my priority to add and update the world of Prism Vale’s information. This includes the following:

  • Adding all notable locations and information.
  • Add unique notable flora and fauna.
  • Add notable Events and lore.
  • Add notable NPCs and their lore.
  • Add Guilds and expand on their lore and information. (Currently named factions).

It is a monumental task as Prism Vale is rather vast and has a lot of locations and NPCs. And of course the guides wouldn’t be complete without accompanying art, which will be quite intense on its own.


Research is still currently a WIP as there are certain features that need to be ironed out, however, you can start earning Research Scrolls now!

New Items:
  • Research Scrolls (Currency): Acquired from Questing and it is a part of the common drop table, which means they can drop from boxes that award items from the common table. This currency is used to unlock research perks once they are released.
  • Golden Key (Item): Acquired from the Specialty Shop for 20 Beans or Questing and it is a part of the legendary drop table, which means they can drop from boxes that award items from the legendary table. This item is required to access the Captain's Coffer shop.
  • #015 - Max Level (Achievement Item): Acquired by reaching User level 10. A cosmetic item for your profile. It is automatically acquired upon claiming user level 10.
New Shop:
  • Captain’s Coffer: A Prowler Privateer run shop which sells a single special item. Requires a Golden Key to view.

That should basically be everything. I would also like to remind everyone that after May I’ll officially be on my break to work on site information! Though I’ve semi-started early. My break simply means that I will not be making any adoptables for 2 months. However, I will still make patreon designs and I have organized guest artists Ceruleans_blues and Dragonprr to make designs in my design absence!

Thank you everyone!

Basic Familiar Designs CLOSED

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Hello everyone! This month I decided to do something a little different for my patreon pre-claim designs. I got the suggestion to do some familiar designs and that sounded fun so here we are! 

I'm very happy with how they came out and I actually really like the concept so I might make these some kind of official sub-species for Beanling Patch. Not sure what I would call them but the idea is that they are kinda like spirit foxes? They are fae creatures who have the top half of a fox and the bottom half of a spirit.

Anyways, they are functionally just Familiar tokens with designs, so buy purchasing one you will get a Basic Familiar on the BP site which can be applied to any beanling<3 If you guys like them, I might be open for some custom designs <3

Price: 15USD

1. Pre-claimed

2. Pre-claimed

3. Pre-claimed


Just comment on this post to claim! #4 is the only one left this time.

Site Upgrades 2/4/21

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Hey everyone!

Toffee-tama here with some good news! Site maintenance has gone off without a hitch! What does this mean?

Bug Fixes:

  • The login/Deviantart link issue has been resolved! Finally! This means you can now login and link your deviantart account without issue.
  • Character drops have been removed due to their buggy nature. They may be re-added sometime in the future.

Visual Update:

  • The navigation bar has been re-organized to be more streamlined. All important links regarding your account have now been organised under the “My account” menu.
  • Gallery and FAQ have been moved to the “Browse” menu.
  • All onsite shops have been moved to the Shop Bazaar link under the “Shops” menu. The merch and cash shops have been renamed to make them more clear.

Site Upgrades:

  • Character Titles: Characters can now have titles. This can only be added by an admin and is mainly gonna be used for NPC titles, however, other titles may be available to players at a later time.
  • Adoption Centre: Currently disabled from use as no character values have been determined, it allows users to trade in their unwanted adoptable designs for group currency. It also allows users to purchase adoptable designs that are surrendered for group currency.
  • World Expanded: Will eventually replace (or be renamed as) the Lore Directory. This feature will allow users and characters to select locations and factions (To be re-named guilds). This feature is currently disabled until guild and location information is created.

Future Plans:

  • April Prompt: Easter Festival Fever is back once again! There will be no additional event prompts this month or activities this Easter.
  • Full implementation of stats and levels, research trees and new items is planned for April. 

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter! Please look forward to an Easter themed adoptable sale this Sunday!

Site Maintenance Today!

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Hey everyone! Just a heads up that there is some planned site maintenance today. This will be to try and fix the current site issues and could potentially lead to a multi-day site outage. At the very least, it is expected to last at least 5hrs at minimum, this is due to the potential need to delete site code from the server, which is a time consuming process.

However, by the end we will hopefully have fixed the login/DA connect issue and be back to working order!

There is no set time for when maintenance will start, just that it will start today and hopefully be done by 5pm AWST. Updates will be made in the discord while the site is down.

Thank you everyone!

Crafting Update!

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Hello everyone!

Just a small update regarding the new crafting recipe system.

  • All recipes have now been added to the game! You can view all recipes here!
  • You can also access your recipes under activities -> Crafting link in the navigation bar. It's also accessible under Crafting in your inventory.
  • You can now automatically craft your items at your discretion without having to wait on claims or prompt submissions. All you need is the have the required items.
  • In order to keep things clean, the plushie recipes (Basic and Greater) now award plushie tickets of the specified rarity. These can be used in the Sweet Plushie Shop to purchase your desired plushies.
  • Added the Sweet Plushie Shop and Basic Plushie Ticket and Greater Plushie Ticket currencies. 
  • As a part of the crafting balancing, the collectables category has been split into two: Basic Collectables and Greater Collectables. This is because of the requirements of the Basic and Greater Familiar recipes which require misc 5 common/rare plushies respectively. 
  • You must have all required items to craft a recipe otherwise nothing will happen and the page will just refresh.
Misc News

So once the sprouting flaffle is over, I will be taking a break from the adoptable side of things. This simply means that April and May will only have 2-3 adoptables by Toffee-tama. Then from June to August Toffee-tama will not be releasing any adopts (Apart from the Patreon exclusive). However, guest artists will be making adopts during this time, namely our moderator Cerulean_blues!

During this break, Toffee-tama will be working on more personal art as well as focusing on the following:

  • Updating any missing site artwork.
  • Adding new site artwork. Eg. adding more shop logos, character page decorations for information pages, etc.
  • Rebuilding the site in order to fix the existing issues (mainly the DA link issue). This will hopefully not affect use of the site as the rebuild will be done via the local with the expectation that the rebuild patch should take 24-48hrs only to transfer.
  • Add more lore pages and lore in general, including island artworks.
  • Implement Stats and Levels.
  • Add research trees.
  • Update any links that may lead outside the site.
  • Streamlining the sites navigation bar.
  • Other misc things to enhance the group and site.

If things go smoothly, the site should be looking pretty awesome, more user friendly and fun!

Vote for Pumpkin Winner! Announced!

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The winner is Cerulean_blues! with their entry: 

(Design #2 is the winner!)

You can see the responses here! 

Hey everyone, this event kind of got left behind due to all the issue around Halloween then moving straight into Winter Wonderland.

However, I have remember now, so a winner must be chosen by the lovely players <3

Chose the winner of the Pumpkin Carving contest! 

Vote here for your favourite design!

The winner will be drawn on the 21st Jan, so there is 7 days to vote!

Thank you!


TOS Update 12/3/21

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Hello everyone!

Just letting everyone know that there has been a update to the Terms of Service. Please give it a read to make sure you understand the new changes.

Additionally, I'd like to offically announce that Ceruleans_Blues is now our first offical group moderator! A big thank you to Ceru for agreeing to work with me and help moderate the group. 

Also a reminder that there is still time to place your Sprouting requests if you haven't already! Don't forget you can submit your flowerlings as singles or pair with NPCs if you're struggling to find a partner!

Thank you everyone!

- Toffee-tama

Update 25/2/21

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Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well! I am just checking in to let everyone know about the recent site updates/errors. Hopefully this will be the last major update for a few months and all existing errors will be fixed soon too.

Patch notes:

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed the submission errors including submission processing, prompt view and form.
  • Fixed 419 login errors temporarily.  This error will still persist during maintenance, it is actively being worked on to find a permanent solution.
  • Character upload error is fixed, regular character and myo creation is working as well as design updates.
Known Issues:
  • While 419 login error is fixed, new users are not able to connect their Deviantart accounts and attempts will result in a 500 error. As a temporary measure, if you are attempting to connect your DA account please reach out to Toffee-tama via discord so she can switch the current server settings to allow you to connect. Upon connection the server will have to be reverted so that other users can login. There is currently no working state in which both options work at the same time. This is actively being worked on and is the main priority.
  • MYO Tokens give a "Failed to use slot." error message when users try to use them. This is an error resulting from the current MYO slot tag code not being coded to include the newly added stats and levels extension. Waiting on word from the creator in order to try fix this issue. This means that MYO tokens temporarily cannot be converted into usable MYO slots.
  • Toggle Spoiler
    Currently unable to create new account due to an error saying that "The g-recaptcha-response field is required". This is by the recently added Captcha V3 feature which is designed to reduce bot accounts, however, it isn't quite working. If it cannot be fixed soon than it will have to be removed. This is actively being worked on.

    This issue is fixed, but if it is affecting you please reach out asap.

New extensions:

Levels and Stats:

  • Added the levels and stats extension which allows users and characters to have levels and for characters to have stats.
  • This feature will be actively usable from April onwards and allows the following:
    • Users can gain EXP from completing prompts and quests. User rewards will include ingame items like beans, equipment and collectables. There is not currently exact reward information or requirement information.
    • Characters can gain EXP from being selected as the focus character in prompt and quest submissions. There will be 20 levels for beanlings and flowerlings. Upon reaching level EXP requirements, beanlings and flowerlings will be able to receive 1 stat point which can be put into either Mind or Body stat. Stat point rewards will be available from level 2 - level 10 allowing a user to level one stat from 1-10 or both stats to 5. Level 11- level 20 will award equipment and potions. Exact details are to be determined.


  • Recipes will be replacing the current crafting prompts. Recipes will be added soon and will allow users to automatically craft their own items. To access recipes once they become available simply click activities -> crafting. Your available recipes can be found here. If you have the required items, you will be able to craft your desired item.


  • Awards feature will potentially be a replacement from achievements, though it is still being decided.

Research Trees:

  • Research trees have been added! However, they are currently unavailable as they are yet to be fully developed in terms of exact content. The current idea for them will be similar to the idea of the job system initially intended for the game (and replaced with guilds). There will be a couple of broadly defined job options, eg. Magic, Martial, which will then branch out into slightly more defined options, which in turn will lead down to specialty trees.
  • Eg. You chose the magic research tree, which then gives you the option to research: Alchemy, Elements, Healing, Combat. You then chose the alchemy tree which will give you options to research potions or items. You chose the potion tree and each level of research will then unlock special recipes with discounts. Or say you research items, which will unlock special item recipes with discounts. Pretty much, the idea will be once you have decided on a specialty you can unlock perks (mainly in the form of recipe discounts).  This idea is still a WIP but will hopefully be rolled out alongside Stats and Levels.
  • Your research trees are account bound and you will be able to specialize in more than one tree. Infact, if you're dedicated you can unlock all research available if so desired.

Event Tools: 

  • Event tools will allow us to run BOSS style events on site and will add a point tracker system. 


  • Sprouting information will be posted very soon, I hope everyone is excited!
  • I will also be working on adding more group lore pages in the coming months, mainly from April onwards. I plan on fleshing out the world and doing some more promotional artworks.

Thanks once again for your patience. I really appreciate everyone being so calm despite the many issues with the site. I'm trying my best to work through all the issues, however, I am not a developer or coder so it is quite difficult. However, I know we will get there eventually.

Thank you!

Update 5/2/21

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Hey everyone!

Just a small update to let you all know what is happening!

At the moment there is a back-end issue with claims/submissions. This means that submissions cannot currently be processed. This issue is being worked on but it seems to be more complex than usual. However, submissions are still open so please do submit if you have finished a prompt, there will just be a delay with receiving your rewards.

The above issue is similarly, but not quite the same in effect on the local test server. The reason for the test server issues relate to the upcoming Levels and Stats extension. However, once that issue is fixed it is hopeful that the live site issue will also be fixed.

There will be an upcoming update in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed there will be no issues. The following features are going to be implemented:

  • Levels and Stats: Adds both player and character levels and stats. Will include a feature to gain experience from prompts and quests. Currently in the middle of playing around with the feature on local, I would like to maybe transition the stats into this feature with the potential ability to increase your characters stats directly through prompt/quest XP. If this is possible, it would be a long term goal feature, meaning that XP rewards will be low and XP required will be high. That way both potions and growths will not become obsolete. However, it will give yet another option for players to progress their characters.
  • Event Tools: Adds another event style to the site, it will run similarly to the BOSS event on discord, except run on site and it will include an event tracker!
  • Sellable Characters: Allows characters to be handed into the adoption centre and adds the ability to exchange your character for currency (in-game only). In turn, I also believe it adds the ability to buy characters from the adoption centre.
  • Awards: Not sure about this feature, could be a possible alternative for achievements?
  • Crafting: A new system for crafting which you complete recipes and receive the item directly rather than using the prompts system. 
  • Hopefully we can also get character drops working properly.

I also want to notify everyone of the adopt schedule for this month and next:

  • There will be 3 public auction adoptables this month (Feb), two on the 14th Feb for Valentines and one on the 20th Feb as late Chinese New year.
  • There will be 1 Patreon exclusive adopt as per usual.
  • Sprouting information will be posted on the first of March. It will be run basically the same as last year except on the site! We will also be having Cerulean-blues as a guest artist! That means at least one additional pairing will be picked per week!

Once again thank you so much everyone for your patience with the site! I hope you all have a lovely day!

Update Issues 16/1/21

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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to make a quick announcement on site just to clarify a few things in case you're not in the discord/active there.

After the recent update, there were a couple of issues with DA verifications, 419 errors, 404 errors, 419 errors when trying to submit causing login issues, etc. I just want to say that at present, all of these issues have been fixed! You should be free to use the site as normal with hopefully no issues.

I just want to give a big thank you to everyone for all your patience! I understand that the issue can be annoying, however, coding is quite a difficult task, in particular, the issues we face on the live site (here) in regards to DA verification, 419 errors and anything server related cannot be replicated in the local offline site that I run all patches through. While I do try my best to make sure that all updates are able to transition smoothly, most of the time an unforeseen issue will arise once the internet is involved. Also, syntax errors like to come to life every now and again when users try things I don't normally do on the local. 

Anyways, I just want to say sorry for all the buggy issues with the site every update, I really do appreciate all your patience and understanding when it comes to this! I do aim to try my best and get things working asap so that no one missed out on anything. You guys really are the best community <3

Also a shout out to all the new members! Welcome, we hope that you will have a lot of fun here!

PS. just a reminder, if you have any issues, please do reach out to Toffee-tama, especially on the discord where we have a site-errors-and-bugs channel just for site specific issues.