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The Beginning (story comic)

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It seems like something big is happening in Prism Vale- 


A huge shoutout to our member Spottednova for their help with the comic!

Monthly Prompt Update!

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Hello Everyone! We’ve got a small announcement to share with you. Our monthly prompt reward structure will be changing to make things more accessible to our casual players, and to reward our more ambitious players a little bit more! Unlike in the past where our monthly prompts were worth a flat amount of beans, you will now be rewarded based on the scope of your piece!
The breakdown goes as follows:


New Minimum Standard Submission:

This is the minimum acceptable submission for a prompt.

Written entries: Minimum word count: 250 words

Drawn entries: Uncoloured Clean Sketch

Standard Completion Reward: 3 Beans (Per Entry) + 1 User Exp + 1 Character Exp (Focus Character only)

Written Entries Stackable Bonuses:

  • Tier 1: Word count reaches 400: 1 Beans
  • Tier 2: Word count reaches 500: 1 Beans
  • Tier 3: Word count reaches 600: 1 Beans
  • Tier 4: Word count reaches 800: 2 Beans
  • Tier 5: Word count reaches 1000: 2 Beans

Drawn Entries Stackable Bonuses:

  • Tier 1: Coloured Sketch: 1 Beans
  • Tier 2: Lineart: 1 Beans
  • Tier 3: Full Colour (Character): 1 Beans
  • Tier 4: Full Colour Background: 2  Beans
  • Tier 5: Including a second character: 2 Bean

All of these bonuses stack!

To give you an example, we’ll break down this piece!

This piece is lined, has three beans, and a full colored background, so it would break down like this:

Sketched: 1 Bean

Lined: 1 Bean

Full Colour Character: 1 Bean

Full Colour Background: 2 Beans

Includes a Second Character: 2 Beans

Total: 7 beans

We are also happy to announce that we have a new ongoing prompt!

Freestyle Monthly!

If you’ve ever wanted to draw your bean, but simply don’t think they’d fit in with the prompts and quests available, this is for you! Any piece you draw or write for your beans can be submitted here for rewards using the same rewards structure as the monthly prompt! You will be able to submit this prompt two times a month, so have some fun exploring your bean’s lives outside of our monthly prompts and quests!

Thank you!

- Toffee + Ceru

Happy New Year!

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The old year is gone, and we'd like to wish you all a happy new year! Thank you for making last year a fun, friendly, and bean-filled time! We're hoping this year will be even better, and we're kicking it off with a few returning events, including a free beanling raffle! 
The Sweets or Beans gift prompt is also returning, and is open now, so feel free to spread some gifts and get some in return! 

If you haven't checked in with the Discord in a while, we are also doing a lot of fun events there, including Beango, Who's that Beanling, and dice-rolling live quests! 

We will be posting the new monthly prompt in a few days, and hope to have an adopt or two to celebrate Lunar New Year. 

So let's have a cheer for the old year, and a hurrah for the new! 

New Year's Raffle!

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It's a new year, and two beans have come to ring it in! These two little sweeties,  made by our Very own Majix and Ceru are up for a free raffle! 


You can only win one benaling, but you are welcome to enter for both! Please enter by commenting on this news post~
The winners will be rolled a week from now on January 7th!

An Apology to Everyone.

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Hello everyone! I woke up today to see everyone here doesn't like NFTs, and I now realise that making Beanling NFTs was a mistake. Sorry to spring it on you guys so suddenly! In hindsight, it probably would have been best to bring it up to the group beforehand. 

I understand that what I’ve done is done, but I’d like to give a little context to the current situation. I'm going to be 100% honest with you guys, which may not paint me in the best light, but I think it’s necessary and what you deserve. I hope you can read this and understand where I was coming from, and that I take full responsibility.

Why would you do NFTs?

Frankly, money. That's honestly the only reason I started an NFT. Beanling Patch just hasn’t reached the sale range that I have been striving for, so when I saw the NFT trend and saw some of the absolutely horrible designs selling for hundreds, I thought that I could jump on that trend since my art was definitely up to the standard of some of the popular NFTS, if not better than many NFTs! Was this naive? Hell yes. But I was very motivated by the prospect of quitting my job and never working again. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this; I really hate everything about working in corporations!

Do you realise that NFTs and Crypto are bad for the environment?

Yes, I knew this from the start to some extent. I went in knowing it wasn’t great, but assumed that most internet things aren’t great for the environment. I’m definitely more informed on the matter now, however. 

Can you stop doing NFTs?

This is unfortunately a little complicated. I’m already legally committed to Beanlings NFT.  I’ve spent more than $1000+ on the project, and it is permanently on the blockchain with no way to remove it. So I’m not able to take it down. As for future projects related to NFTs? Well, suffice it to say, I am not doing any more. 

What's the plan now?

I’m completely separating the ARPG from the NFTs. They will not be involved with each other in any way other than sharing the species name, which I unfortunately cannot change.

I’m sorry to disappoint you all, and I hope that the fact that I am very money motivated doesn’t change your thoughts of me too much. I’m sorry that these NFTs upset the group, and I really regret this decision. I know you guys are actually legit nice and good people who care about things, and I’m sorry that I hurt the group with my actions. In future, I will try to consult with the group in the form of polls and such before any major decisions that could totally change this community we’re making.

I’m going to take a break, I’m sure you can understand why! Thank you so much for reading. I’m so sorry.

- Toffee-tama

Puzzling Package Quest

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(Part 1) Present Packing

Everybean in Prism Vale is flitting about in a rush, and who could blame them? The excitement in the air is thick as snowflakes in a blizzard as the Wonderland Ball rapidly approaches! There are dresses to be fitted, ornaments to be hung, and presents to be delivered! It seems that you’ve been caught up in the holiday rush, and asked to deliver several presents to a guest at the Ball. Can you fit them all into your box?


Beanling Present Packing


To solve this puzzle, simply move the packages into the box in a way that none overlap each other or hang over the edge of the box. We will accept answers that are a photo edit of the puzzle, a sketch of the solution, or a picture of a physical representation of the presents in the solution.

(Part 2) Whose Presents are These?

You finally managed to cram all of those presents into your box, and as you close it, the tatters of the to-from tag fall to the ground. Oops!! Looks like you're going to have to piece them back together again before you can figure out where you're going.

This puzzle is a nonogram! If you're familiar with Picross, this is exactly like it. To solve this puzzle, you must fill in certain squares. You can figure out which squares to fill in based off of the numbers on the side. Each number represents how many squares in a row will be filled in. There will always be a blank square in-between each number in a row or column.
Here's a video that explains how to play:
Picross Tutorial
We will accept your answer as a correctly filled in image of this puzzle!

(Part 3) Look out for Snowballs!

Ooohhhhh, so that's who these packages are for! Now that you know you need to get to the Wonderland Ball, you'll have to traverse the yearly snowball fight on the lake. It's easier said than done though, as you don't want the packages to be damaged!

Beanling Look Out

To solve this puzzle, move along the dotted grid without going through the path of any snowballs! The direction of each snowball is indicated with an arrow. We will accept your answer as a visual representation of the correct path, whether drawn on grid paper or on this image!


(Part 4) Deliver to the Middle!

Thank goodness you made it past that snowball fight! Who knew snow could move so fast? After asking around a little bit, it seems that the lucky present recipient is enjoying the festivities in the hedge maze. Looks like it's time to put your memory to the test!

Beanling Deliver

To solve this puzzle, simply make your way to the middle of the maze! We will accept answers that are an edited image of this maze, or the same maze drawn out and solved on paper.

(Part 5) Who Sent Which Present?


As the lucky bean is ripping into the gifts, you both notice that none of them seem to have tags! Oh dear. Fortunately, you remember some things about who's gifts were which. Can you two figure out who sent which gift?

Who Sent What

To solve this logic puzzle, you'll need to figure out the wrapping color, ribbon, and tag type each beanling used. We will accept answers that are an edited image of this maze, or the answers written out in the style of the chart on the bottom right.

Christmas icon set - Small Red Gift

Answers can be submitted all together in the Puzzle Package Quest prompt at the end of the month. You do not have to answer all of the quests to submit the prompt, but please only submit the prompt once you have solved all of the puzzles you plan to.


If you get one or more puzzles correct, you’ll receive a prize of one Christmas frame. The grand prize for correctly solving all five puzzles is a Legendary Beanling MYO!


This news post will be updated again on the 5th with the second puzzle, so stay tuned!

Tiny winter night


Winter Wonderland 2021 Event Hub

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Winter Wonderland 2021 EVENT HUB

It's the merriest time of year once again! All the Beanlings are out and about preparing for the holidays! A few exclusive events will be available for all the join from the 24th November until the 31st of December! Keep track off all available events here.

Winter Wonderland Monthly Prompt
1st December 2021 - 3rd January 2022
Join this months prompt to an exclusive Winter Wonderland Frame as well as one of 3 cute Winter Plushies!
 24th November - 23rd December
This year Beanling Patch will be running a White Elephant style exchange for both new and old players. Participants in the Exchange will design a beanling, the designs will then be exchanged between participants randomly on the 25th of December.
Puzzling Package Quest
A unique quest opportunity has appeared, stay tuned for more information!
Part 2: Release 5th December
Part 3: Release 10th December
Part 4: Release 15th December
Part 5: Release 20th December
Submission Period: 20th December 2021 - 3rd January 2022
Bean-Go Discord Event
 24th November - 31st December
Join our Discord server to participate in Bean-Go (Beanling Bingo).
Prizes are awarded weekly.
Login every day and claim your free Present!
If you collect all 5 Presents you will receive a bonus 1 x Winter Wonderland Frame!
*Winter Wonderland Frame will be automatically awarded upon completion, check your item logs*
*Advent page will be available from 4th December 00:00 UTC*
Login every day and claim your free Present!
If you collect all 5 Presents you will receive a bonus 1 x Winter Wonderland Frame!
*Winter Wonderland Frame will be automatically awarded upon completion, check your item logs*
*Advent page will be available from 11th December 00:00 UTC*
Login every day and claim your free Present!
If you collect all 5 Presents you will receive a bonus 1 x Winter Wonderland Frame!
*Winter Wonderland Frame will be automatically awarded upon completion, check your item logs*
*Advent page will be available from 18th December 00:00 UTC*
A Very Merry Gacha!
A collaborative Mystery Gacha featuring designs from Toffee-Tama and Ceruleans_blues
Details will be announced via the sales channel!
Have a very merry month and happy holidays!

50% off Cash Shop Sale!

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In preparation for the festive season, Beanling Patch is having a 50% off sale on all MYO, Equipment and Familiars in the cash shop!

Sale will run from Friday 26th November until Saturday 1st January 2022.

Sale excludes frames.

Check out the sale here!

White Beanling Exchange OPEN

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White Beanling Exchange

Come one, come all, to the White Beanling Exchange!


This year Beanling Patch will be running a White Elephant style exchange for both new and old players. Participants in the Exchange will design a beanling, the designs will then be exchanged between participants randomly on the 25th of December.



Participants have the following restrictions for their entries:

  • One design can be submitted per participant.
  • Beanling designs only (Restricted to Beanling only Traits).
  • Rare or lower Beanling traits only.
  • Designs must be cleanly sketched or lined and must have flat colours. 
  • Finished design submissions must have no background and be in png format.
  • Designs can be any theme and style. Due to the nature of the exchange, written entries are not accepted. 
  • You may commission someone else to make your entry, however, the commissioned artist must be informed of the intended use and that they cannot use the entry to enter for themselves. 
  • All participants will be awarded 1 x Winter Wonderland Frame for participating. 
  • You must be a member of the Beanling Patch site to enter.


Deadline: 23rd December 2021 11:00pm UTC

All entries must be submitted before the deadline. If there is an odd number of entries, one additional design by Toffee-Tama will be added to the pool. 

No late entries will be accepted so please keep an eye on the deadline.


Submission Form:

Entry Link:

Restriction Request: (Please include things you do not want to receive, eg: I do not like Brush Mutation, no green designs, etc) (Please note that while we will take these into consideration, we may not be able to accommodate all restriction requests.)

Do you give permission for the winner to edit the design if desired? (Yes or No)

Is this a commissioned design? (Include artists name if so)

Do you have permission to use this design for this exchange if it is a commission? (just include a screenshot to show the artist is informed).

I, *Your Username*, am entering the White Beanling Exchange and acknowledge that my design will be randomly assigned to another participating player and that I will also receive a random design in exchange.


Please submit your entries here!

(You must be a Beanling Patch member to join!)



Does it have to be a specific theme?

No. You may use any theme or style you feel like as long as it meets the minimum standards.


What if I don’t like the design I receive?

If you do not like the design you receive you may either edit the design if the artist gave permission or you can put your design up for trade. 


I can’t draw, can I still enter?

Yes, you are allowed to commission a design by a different artist so long as they are informed of the intended use and made aware that they cannot use the entry to enter themselves.


I was commissioned for a design, but I’d like to enter for myself, can I still do that?

Yes, if you are commissioned for a design, that design is counted as the commissioners entry, meaning that you can still enter for yourself with a different design.


I'm not a member of the site, can I still join?
No, you must be a member to submit your entry. Registration is free. You can register here:
Does it cost anything to enter?
Nope, this event is completely free!


If you have any other questions please feel free to leave a comment or comment in the discord.


Have fun and Happy Holidays!

Character Frames Update

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Hello everyone! Just wanted to update everyone on all the recent updates and additions.


No known issues, but if you do find something please let me know either through a report on site or in the site-errors-and-bugs section on the discord.


Character Frames:

The Character Frames extension is now live! This allows users to apply frames to characters and the ability to change those frames at will via the characters page.

Almost all character images have been converted, this means that all character images have been re-uploaded as their original png file. Owners can view the full png file, other users will only be able to see the framed version. 

All characters now share the same frame style (Originally Flowerling frame) and going forward, new frames will not be species locked. 

You can unlock your currently owned frames via your inventory, if you own a frame it will be in your cosmetic item section.

How to unlock a frame:

1. Select the desired frame via your inventory.

2. Check the source.

3. Select "unlock frame"

4. Search your character ID number or name.

5. Click unlock frame and the frame will be applied!

The frames section found at the top of a character page shows any frames unlocked and allows users to change to any frames a character owns. 

Please note that once a frame is unlocked it cannot be removed and any applied frames will stay with a character when traded. Please be sure of the character when unlocking frames. 

  • Basic Flora Frame: Default Frame, owned by all characters.
  • Valentines Frame: Valentines Frame item has been updated to award usable Valentines Frame.
  • Halloween Frame: Halloween Frame item has been updated to award usable Halloween Frame.
  • New Frames:
    • Winter Wonderland Frame: A special Winter Wonderland themed frame that will be available during December only. 
    • Island theme frames: All seven islands will be getting their own unique frames.
    • Guild theme frames: All seven Guilds will be getting their own unique frames. These frames will be awarded to guild members only.

Thank you everyone!